Mary Black Hospital

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  3. by   ramkatral
    Dunno if it's too late for your answer, but I grew up in Spartanburg. Mary Black is the private for profit hospital of the area. It's a pretty decent place, though it seems to me a little more costly than Spartanburg Regional. That could just be a mis-representation though. I guess it depends on what you wanna do. If you want to work in an ED, then you should look at Spartanburg Regional. They're a level 1 trauma center, and they own/run EMS so they have a very active ED. If you want more in depth info on either, send me a message, I'll be glad to chat with ya.
  4. by   Logit
    Mary Black is a great hospital. Recently acquired certification as a Stroke Center. Presently pursuing Chest Pain certification as well. Known in the Spartanburg area as THE hospital for a wonderful birthing experience. The atmosphere is friendly and family-like. A large facility that offers all the services of other large facilities but without the negative pressure. Progressive staff and management, always seeking to improve for patients and employees while being careful to not spend or pursue foolishly. Salaries are in line with the area medical facilities - as are the benefits. The hospital is owned by CHS Corporation, headquartered in Tennessee. One of the very few nationwide medical enterprises that is making a profit with the bottom line always in the black .. even in these hard economic times. Employment with CHS is a guaranteed future - extremely well managed. I'd give it two thumbs up !