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  1. Dear Nurses,

    I am interested in attending greenville technical College. I want to start out in the LPN program. Any fellow grauduates from there. How are the class and clinical? I know that all nursing classes are five weeks. I would just like to have some advice about their program. I would greatly appreciate any responses to the thread. Thanks so Much.
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  3. by   mchewning
    The classes there are really good. I'm actually a student there now, I have a year left. I will graduate with my RN next November. The seating is based on weighed admission. So do really well in your prereqs. If you plan to get your RN later you may want to consider taking those prereqs, instead of the LPN ones. If you have more questions please ask and I will answer all that I can and if I can't I find someone who can.
  4. by   janiece2003
    Hi MCHEWNING! Im interested in attending greenville tech, Are the classes really difficult and exactly how long does it take to complete the program? How long did it take you overall? How does the program work out since each class is only three weeks?:spin:
  5. by   lb3979
    I am graduating from the Greenville Tech ADN program this December, Lord willing! It has taken me 3 years to get my degree. 1 year to get all my prereqs to qualify for entry into the program and 2 years to complete the actual nursing classes. The nursing classes are very fast paced with each class lasting 5 weeks. I have also been taking classes online to get all prereqs that I need to enter a BSN program at USCUpstate after my ADN graduation. The BSN program takes 1 year to complete.
  6. by   gghm46
    Hello Members of GTC nurses.
    I am new to this forum. Infact,I have MD in my country,but wanted to continue to in CRNA. One requirement for this is to get RN degree.Would you please give me an information what kind of loan could be best for me to pay for the tution and fees and the likes?
    Thanks in advance
  7. by   Bradleyseth
    This is to any student at Greenville Tech. I am presently at a different school. I am very unsatisfied where I am and was wondering if Greenville Tech is any different from where I am. We have lectures that may last close to 2 hours. After 6 or 7 lectures we have an exam. The exam has very little material from the actual lectures and it is very frustrating. It is almost fruitless to attend the lectures. I have had some very difficult classes in the past such as A & P and made A's. The tests were very hard but they came from the lectures. Now, it is as if I am taking spanish and getting tested on to speak. We all wonder if we have the correct textbook (haha). Honestly most of the material from the exam is not even mentioned during lecture or in our textbook.
    Is your lectures similar in content to your exams? I have got to find a better school!!! Please help!!!