Greenville Tech - ADN - Fall 2016

  1. Anybody applying for ADN 2016 fall semester at Greenville Tech? I heard the point system changed, does anybody have any idea on what changes they made to the weighted scale?
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  3. by   orangepants55
    I'm not exactly what changes were made, but I know that they took away some extra point opportunities. I've read where someone that applied with a 110 was accepted for the spring semester this year, so I'm thinking a 120 should get you in for the fall semester. They accept 70 applicants in the fall & 105 in the spring. If you have any indirect/direct patient care or volunteer hours don't forget to get a letterhead and use that on your application! I'm excited to start (assuming I'm accepted).
  4. by   ALbelle9598
    I am assuming that the scores will be lower because of the new form. I know the 2016 Spring/Summer lowest point dropped by 10 points from last years. BUT that will all depend on the applicants. The lowest score for the last 2 falls have been 125. I just turned in my application today. Good luck!!
  5. by   orangepants55
    Wow, I'm either looking at a 115 or 130. I know someone got in for the spring semester with a 110, we'll see. Good luck!
  6. by   ALbelle9598
    Yes, spring/summer usually has lower points due to the number of applicants they accept. I think last years spring points started at 118 while this years started at 108. Hopefully that holds true for fall too! There is a chart of past points accepted in another thread that I marked long ago hoping that it will give me an idea of what to expect. It will be hard waiting for July to find out!
  7. by   orangepants55
    Oh awesome I'll have to see if I can find that! I'm Parker by the way, hopefully we both get in!
  8. by   ALbelle9598
    I copied this off of the link and updated what has happened since. The original is found in a spring 2015 post.
    She emailed me the point range. Here it is.

    Things to keep in mind:
    ** In a fall seating the department seats about 70 students
    ** In a spring/summer cycle the department seats about 105 students
    ** On average the department gets about 150 applicants each cycle but that number can increase or decrease with no warning.

    Past points ranges of acceptance:
    Fall 2012: 143-225
    SP/SU 2013: 125-212
    Fall 2013: 141-212
    SP/SU 14: 119-219
    Fall 2014: 125-225
    SP/SU 2015- ** This was an unusual acceptance range. All eligible students earned a spot. This may be a sign of things to come or just a fluke situation.
    Fall 2015: ** 125-??
    Spring 2016- 108-??
  9. by   orangepants55
    Awesome, thanks for the info!
  10. by   Cierra236
    Hey Guys! i just applied to the program with 119 points. I am a little nervous because I did not plan on applying this semester. I have all the classes except Micro, but I will be taking that in 2 weeks for the summer. Did either of y'all's overall points go up from doing better on the teas test?
  11. by   orangepants55
    I took the TEAS today & got an 85. I'm applying with 130. I took micro last summer, it was really really fast, so be prepared. What professor are you taking it with?
  12. by   Cierra236
    Good job! I got a 70 today and was so surprised! I am taking it with Miranda Campbell. I will also be working 36 hours a week as a CNA. Do you think this will be manageable?
  13. by   orangepants55
    I'm assuming it's the only class you'll be taking? You can definitely do it! I took it with Matthew Morgan, he was extremely difficult. I'm sure your experience in the field will help you. Most of the material reviews different diseases in depth. It's an interesting class for sure. Keep up with your studying and you'll do fine
  14. by   prettynerd87
    Hi everyone!! I too applied to the program with 132 points. I have all of my pre reqs complete, I did volunteer work, and I also have a previous degree. Im so excited and can't wait to find out if I got in!!