Aiken Tech ADN 2018

  1. Anyone applying for ADN or LPN for Fall 2018? I'm ready for May 25th to pass & June-July to be here!!! Also, what are your points & GPA?!
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  3. by   AGUIDRY
    I'm so ready to find out! I applied for both. But 32 points for ADN
  4. by   rnhopeful2018
    I applied for both and the Surg Tech program, just in case. How many points did you have for the LPN? I'm ready for the next 2-3 weeks to fly by!
  5. by   AGUIDRY
    I need to check it when I get home.
  6. by   AGUIDRY
    I had 23 for the LPN
  7. by   rnhopeful2018
    Yeah, my LPN points were lower than my ADN points! Good luck. Let me know if you hear anything soon. Hopefully we get them soon 😂 I'm dying inside every day, patiently waiting!
  8. by   AGUIDRY
    Ughhh me too! I want to call ( USCA allowed you to when their letters went out) but we still have weeks
  9. by   RNCallingMyName
    I talk to the registrar the other day and they said letters would be mailed out on the 22nd.
  10. by   AGUIDRY
    Oh man
  11. by   rnhopeful2018
    Oh my heavens, that's so soon!! Aghhh. I read a few posts on here where people were calling and it kept getting pushed back! Thanks for the info. That's great to hear!
  12. by   AGUIDRY
    Here is to hoping letters go out at the end of the week
  13. by   rnhopeful2018
    Quote from AGUIDRY
    Here is to hoping letters go out at the end of the week ������������
    Hoping for no delays!!!
  14. by   AGUIDRY
    I wish they allowed us to call and find out. Here's to being on edge checking the mail again lol