soooo confused!!!!!


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Hi All,

Writing to you hoping I can get some advice...I am currently waiting to get in the rn program at my local college. Hopefully I can get into the program in spring 2012...I toke the teas last month & unfortunately I a little discouraged, wonderiing if this is the right path for me???? Now I just got a job as a radiology aide at my local hospital, which they know that I want to go into nursing...

I guess my question is ---should I continue pursuing nursing or should I change careers & go into radiology as a technologist which was something I was orginially going to do when I was 18. And since the hospital I work with is a clinical site for theradiology program, I can get the support I need & be able to keep my job...I guess I'm just scared that nursing may not be for me--I hear all the horror stories from first year rns..and since I haven't worked since november and now I have this job I don't want to lose it...any advice is is not a motivator, I just want to have thepatient contact which I can get in either field...plz help I'm just sooo confused..thanks!