Soon to be Nursing Assistant needing tips on landing work after training.


So many people I've talked to said after training it took them 8 months or even longer to find work because they didn't have experience. What tips do any other fellow Nursing Assistants have for obtaining employment.Should I try to intern or something.I live in Detroit, MI and I'll be going for training next month. I hope you guys have some tips.:redpinkhe:heartbeat:redbeathe:bugeyes::mad:

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There's a CNA forum under the Students tab where this question is addressed a lot. You check for answers in some of those threads.

I think it depends on your area- I had no trouble getting a job where I live. One thing to remember is that LTCs are usually the easiest places to get a job. Hospitals usually want you to get your feet wet in a nursing home before they'll consider you- they get a lot of applicants.


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Here in Illinois the only prereq. is that you are breathing and you have your cna lic.! I would start by applying on a general medical/surgical floor. some of the specialty units like telemetry and icu do require a bit more experience. Hope this helps! Good luck next month!

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