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Something good about Desert Regional in Palm Springs?


Specializes in tele, stepdown/PCU, med/surg. Has 14 years experience.


I'm getting ready to take an assignment at Desert Regional in Palm Springs and am hoping some people out there have something good or neutral to say about the experience there. Let me know please!


zacarias, ASN, RN

Specializes in tele, stepdown/PCU, med/surg. Has 14 years experience.

No one has anything good or neutral to say??:eek:

sorry...not gonna lie...it's pretty horrendous as far as care goes...but it is definitely tolerable. the weather is nice. good road trips...joshua tree, san diego, etc. palm canyon--good hiking...nice little strip with good restaurants, decent shopping nearby, and sun, sun, sun!! I would never go back, but it's not the end of the world either....focus on the positives.

the standard of care there is sub-par, especially the trauma unit. And, the cardiac icu for that matter----they are rediculously rude, arrogant, and not at all on top of their game---but think they are. But, just remember, the people that you encounter that are rude and horrible nurses, are known by all. It was my first travel assignment, and at first I was bothered by those particular people, and very hurt. Within a month i realized that they were not isolating me, they were mean to all and that the majority of staff/mngt had the same feelings about those nurses...that was comforting. forget about baths, oral care or turns, basic nursing care is way below them, but...... if you can let go of the frustration and continue to provide the best pt. care you are capable of, it may rub off on someone. Management is really nice, and there are quite a few friendly, outgoing, smart, and good nurses. The staff often includes travelers for after work drinks/dinner.

Just don't let them put you up at Catalina Grove---disgusting, cricket infested, freak show of a place!!

Good luck, have fun....it's all about the adventure, right???!!!

zacarias, ASN, RN

Specializes in tele, stepdown/PCU, med/surg. Has 14 years experience.


Thanks for the message. I couldn't imagine going to Desert Regional on a first travel assignment! I feel better that you say management is nice and that there are some nice nurses. I've encountered rude nurses everywhere so I'm not new to that. I'm sorry to hear it's subpar care. How can that still be happening in 2009 in Palm Springs?? You'd think it'd all be figured out by now.

You mention all the great things to do in Palm Springs. I'm living in San Diego with my family and I'm not moving, so I will be staying in hotels there and then returning right back to San Diego so hopefully I get to do at least a couple fun things there but I will largely be working and then returning home so that's why I'm need to make the sure the work there is tolerable, and you say it is.

Thanks again for the message.


I wouldn't go as far to say that the weather is nice all the time. If you like the scorching hot and humid weather 8 months out of the year then yes that's the place to be. From late Nov-late Feb/early Mar it gets to be from cool-cold. I just couldn't imagine anybody leaving San Diego for the Palm Desert area. But that's just me. Let us know what you decide.