Some Tips For How To Use Evernote For Nursing School

I strongly recommend using Evernote on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and Desktop. One of the ways I use Evernote, is to keep track of daily reading along with reminders for class assignments. Share Tips Article


Some Tips For How To Use Evernote For Nursing School

Create a notebook stack called "_Current Classes" (the "_" puts the notebook stop towards the top), and in the stack create notebooks for each class.

Within each class notebook, create a note with your reading schedule with a tag of !Daily. After you've done this with each class notebook, create a search with the following parameters (my personal set up uses _HACC - Current Classes" vs. "_Current Classes"):

stack:"_ Current Classes" Tag:!Daily


Then save the search with the name of "Daily Tasks for Current Classes" and save that search to your Evernote shortcuts.


Within each class notebook, also create a check list for your various "to do" items for the class: assignments, exams, group projects, quizzes, etc. Put them in date order with the first item to be completed listed up top and the last item to be completed for the class at the very bottom. Then create a reminder for the note using the first item as the foundation for what date you pick for the reminder. As you check items you complete, re-adjust the reminder date for the first unfinished item.

If you are like me and appreciate ways to automate adding items to Evernote, check out the free "If This Then That Service" where you can use recipes like Add items from a particular board on Pinterest to Evernote - IFTTT which will automatically grab brand new items from specific Pinterest boards to add to Evernote for you. For example, I have individual recipes set up to grab new pins from the various nursing boards I have set up at Peter Abraham (pmabraham) on Pinterest (Nursing, Fluid-and-Electrolytes, OB-to-Pediatrics, Pharmacology, and so on). That way as I see items on Pinterest which might be helpful or in other areas, I can just pin it to the appropriate board knowing IFTTT will pick it up and add it to Evernote for me.

Here is an example of a pin that was automatically captured from Pinterest by IFTTT:


What do I put in Evernote besides reading schedules, assignments, and Pinterest pins? I save the syllabus for each class (with a syllabus tag), class notes, articles from and other locations. Evernote is basically my traveling set of brain cheat sheets, reminders, etc.

Get your free version of Evernote now!

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As I prepare for three exams in a row during finals week, I really enjoy the following about Evernote:

1. Helps me stay on track of what I need to know for the exams

2. Travels with me on my smartphone and tablet

3. Any change to a single device Evernote is on results in changes to all devices.


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Thanks for this article re: Evernote use in nursing school. I just discovered I am ADD, which totally explains how every day is like an Easter Egg hunt to discover things I have lost. 

I think Evernote is going to help me finally be organized and not have to deal with finding a piece of paperwork in the mounds of it on my desk. 

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