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Some advice/chances of getting into nursing program

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Hi. I'm looking for some realistic advice. Currently, I'm enrolled at LaGuardia CC in NYC. My current overall GPA is at 3.063 while my PreReq Nursing GPA is at 3.37. I'm in my fourth semester finishing up my pre reqs. My first two semesters I was a liberal arts/biology major and I had only started taking most of my pre reqs in my third semester.

Unfortunately, my first two semesters weren't great and some pre reqs like ENG101 I got a B (ENG102 in semester 3 was an A). Now I won't be finishing my entire ASN until mid 2019. This is a pretty long time since it's only CC but, I understand as well since I've changed my major twice. I'd also have to start paying for my classes as I won't be able to fill in any classes to meet the financial aid full time criteria. Instead of joining my schools as so I heard heavily competitive nursing program should I just switch to a four year? New York starting in fall is set to receive free college tuition but just like financial aid I have to meet the full time mark. In a four year college I'd be able to achieve that as there's more required classes I can use to fill in.

My current Pre Req grades are:

Double weighted Key Courses(Only double weighted for their points system explanation upcoming):

ENG101: B-

A&P1: B-

Psych101: A

Chem101: Currently taking feeling an A- possibly A

Regular Weighted Key Courses:

Dev Psych: Currently taking definitely feeling an A

A&P2: Currently taking probably B+ possible A-

ENG102: A

My current college uses a point system as well as just looking at your pre reqs GPA. If I was to get the grades I'd think I'd get my points would be around 10.4 with the maximum you can achieve is 12.

After this semester my nursing Prereq GPA should raise to around 3.49. My overall GPA should increase to around 3.23