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hi, i will have a bs. in sociology with a minor in gerontolgy this august. i've been checking out jobs in nursing homes and the like, and have come to the conclusion that i'm going to be broke for the rest of my life! the jobs that i studied 4, YES, 4 years for only require a ged. nice shock after going through all this work, huh? so, i'm seriously considering doing an accelerated bsn program at my school (luckily they have one at the school i've been going to for 4 years!!) the program is 15 months, but i have some pre-reqs. to take before it start. i have bio 1, ap 1 and 11, microbiology and general organic chem. i've been avoiding bio classes like the plague, but now i will HAVE to take them. my quesiton is, how hard are these classes and nursing classes going to be? i know nursing programs are very hard. i was just looking for some sort of explanation of how hard and what parts are hard. i've never been good at chem. i have a 2.7 right now. my gpa is low because of my first two years when i had no idea why i was even in college. i haven't gotten a c in over a year and have taken 6 classes plus a lab and got a 3.5 last semester. so, basically i know what hard work is. if the nursing program requires a lot of my time i will be used to it, so it's the academic part of it i'm asking about. i need to have a 2.8 to start the program and progress. i'm worried that i won't be able to maintain that because i screwed up when i was just a "kid". any thoughts anyone? i don't want to get through this whole program and then not even be able to pass boards because i'm stupid or something. sigh....nursing just seems to be the only way i can get a job i want in a nursing home with some sense of authority and decent pay. it's also the only one where i will feel like i will be actually helping the patients. if any of you guys taking nursing classes can let me know how hard it is, please reply. our schools program basically consists of 5 nursing concept classes with practices for each. thanks for any info. :)

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Re: difficulty of nursing school. I think you need to just read the posts in the student nursing section. You will see it runs the gamut. It can be done. I was 39 and only had a high school education and graduated with a 3.76 with high distinction from the toughtest ADN school in the area (lost about 50% of our class). I went to school with several people that had frittered away grades while young and dumb. They did fine. Buckle down and strive for A's in your science prereqs. Good luck.

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