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As I have said already on this site I start anesthesia school Monday. What can I expect from A&P, Chemistry and Physics, etc? I, of course, have had some of this, but are they going to teach all the good stuff you wish you new. What are clinicals going to be like, awesome all the time or scared to death?

Another question... do you get comfortable as a CRNA after you get out and work a while? I don't mean bored comfortable, I mean not afraid you will kill all your patients comfortable.


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AL bug:

ENJOY THIS WEEKEND!!! You are about to be busier, more harried, and work harder than you ever have before. Believe me, its worth it, and believe me, you will spend the entire time you are in school wondering if its worth it.

I really would not worry about "what you can expect" from any class, but I would expect to spend a minimum of two hours studying for every hour you spend in class. As for clinicals, when you first start, you will be scared to death. I spent my first two months trying real hard not to wet my pants. But, you do get used to it, and once that happens, its fun. You do get comfortable, but not so comfortable that you are not vigilent. You will learn to trust your own knowledge and abilities.

Congrats on getting in. You have my strongest encouragement, and are about to enter the most challenging, most rewarding career you can find as a nurse.

Kevin McHugh


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thats like a big scary word to me.

I have never had a physics class at all. most nursing programs don't require them. is it usually anesthesia specific or do the make you learn about some quantum quasai who-knows-what theory.



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The physics they want you to know are some of the basic, fundamental principles of physics. Primarily, you will learn about the laws that govern flow and pressure. These are very important concepts to understand in ventilation, gas composition, etc.

Kevin McHugh


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Al Bug, What school are you going to? I start school Monday also. Don't be scared. Breath. You can do this. At least that is what i tell myself. Good Luck!!!!!


AL bug

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CAMC Charleston, WV....and you?


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Congrats to the two of you that are starting school Monday! Believe it or not, it will be FUN!!!! I mean, you've worked hard to get where you are, NOW the fun stuff begins!

One word of advice....DO pay attention in the physics classes (which will probably be VERY specific to gas flow, etc, etc) AND, if they ever take you down into the bowels of the hospital, where they keep old, dead, antique anesthesia machines, and show you how they work, etc, etc, PAY ATTENTION! Do NOT assume that you will always work in a really up to date place that has a $60,000 Drager at the head of the table. My first job as a new grad was as a solo practitioner, and when I walked into the OR in that tiny town and saw that old antique Ohio anesthesia machine in the corner, well, I kinda sorta wished I'd paid more attention to the little critter they'd shown us in the basement of the place I trained! Everything worked out fine in my stay there, but I do think that sight aged me a few years, right on the spot!

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