So what could I do better?

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Hello everyone,

This is my first post on this website. So like the thousands of other nurses, I have wandered around the internet, anxiously looking, calculating my chances of getting into CRNA school. A brief overview of my stats:

-16 months of mixed experience in Cath lab, CTICU and Cardiac PACU experience (Primarily CTICU.) 360+bed level 1 trauma, teaching hospital and STEMI receiving center.

-Previous charge nurse (non-critical care position)

-I just accepted a position in a University medical center doing the same work.

-3.6 Overall GPA

-3.64 Nursing

-Science GPA is probably somewhere around there

-CCRN, ACLS, PALS, and studying for CSC

-Attended NTI and am on Shared Governance at work.

-Over 60 hours volunteered at a local medical supply redistribution center.

-Shadowed CRNA's about 20+ hours.

In the next upcoming months, I want to make the absolute most out of things before I apply at the end of year. (I'd rather not say what schools.) From the experience I have so far, what would be the best best use of my time leading up to the end of the year? Should I continue to dive deeper into cardiac or should I branch out (in addition to working cardiac) and cross-train in PICU or Trauma? Would CSC or possibly getting involved with research in my hospital help my prospects?

I was not a perfectionist starting out college and partied a bit but overall I think I redeemed it for the most part. I'm being a bit picky this first year of applications. I'm sticking to the local programs this first year so I could hopefully have both my schooling and not give up being with my family. I know the odds are against me coming up, but I'd appreciate any feedback I could get. It is possible with hard work and just enough luck. If I don't get in this first year I plan to apply nationally which makes me feel less nervous about getting in, but very for having to leave my family behind (partner is stuck here for 4 more years.)

"I'm a believer in luck. The harder I work, the more luck I have." -Thomas Jefferson