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I've been in class for a week now. This is my first mod(semester) in an LPN program. I am not sure whether I got what I expected or not..After reading some of peoples posts here, I was a bit terrified it would be too difficult for me.

I had an English test on Thursday...I got 105% (if you count the 5 pt extra credit)

Today was my first Fundamentals test..The teacher promised there would be no trick questions...BUT she lied..:eek: Most of them were trick questions..others definitely agreed..Out of 51 of us(One didn't show up today), 15 failed. One person got a 100%, 6 got in the 90's, and everyone else got in the 80's. One of the questions I changed my first gut feeling to something else..BIG mistake..Anyways instead of a 90% I got an 87.5 It bummed me out a little, because my goal was to at least get through this mod with honors..(Unrealistic goal I am sure..but it's worth trying. ;) )

This afternoon we had a Study Skills class. The other day she had us skim over a few pages in a Critical Thinking book and take notes from it..Now when I take notes, I put everything I think I will need to refer to later...She gave everyone theirs back today. Mine she gave a check and wrote "Too wordy" on it. Other peoples were either Good, Excellent, or had lots of things corrected on it..So today she did the same exercise having us skim over 4 pages and she wanted us to take notes in an outline fashion...She wanted it done in 20 minutes..I was panicking, because I haven't done outlining in a long time. I wrote something, rewrote it, and it looked too empty...Not enough information to use to study(since this was study skills class). I got to the last page and was outlining and she had us turn it in..I didn't finish the exercise..I still a page left..I literally almost cried. My friend next to me told me not to worry, but I can't help it...I am not comfortable taking notes a different way than what I am used to and feel I get the most information from...I need to know as much as I can to study for a test..not get the basics..Does this make sense to anyone or am I trying to be a perfectionist?? Though trust me, I'm not one..

Anyways tomorrow and Wednesday I have an open book test(well we can use our notes, but NOT the book). Since we will be wrapping up medical terminology this week, Thursday is our Final Exam for that class. (yikes). As it is for the other classes, I can't believe mid-terms are next month..:imbar

As always I rambled on enough to write a book. Someone else take a turn to tell us how it's going. Especially you "newbie" students. :)


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I'm in my last semester of prereqs. I took my micro mid-term lab practical today. Got an 88 because I got dyslexic or skipped a question and got the numbering wrong. I could have had the highest grade in the class. Nutrition is proving more of a pain than I anticipated and I'm not doing my usual "A" work in that either. And art appreciation. I'm not into it at all so I'm not devoting much time to it. I mean art. Who cares! I probably won't get my usual "A" in that either.

Maybe I'm just not as driven as I usually am because I know I've been accepted into the ADN program and I feel like this is my time to kind of relax before it gets really nuts.



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I am a fourth semester ADN student, and although it is my last semester the anxiety is still there. nothing really exciting happened yet. We had our first test today. Nothing like an exam to make you feel like you know nothing!!! Clinicals are going good. Only 84 more days....but who's counting!


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