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Skills Test tomorrow a.m. -- nervous!!


I've finished my STNA course at the comm. college where I plan to enter the LPN program and our State test is tomorrow -- part written, part skills.

I'm petrified. I'm so nervous I can't even look over the material.

I have an A in the class and have been really confident up until now, but I know that I can fail if I make stupid mistakes.

If I don't pass, I can't enter the nursing program. Plus, I hope to work as a CNA some while I am in school.

I just wanted to vent a little to folks who know what I am going through -- thanks!


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How did the test go? I took mine back in December and I don't ever remember being more nervous then I was that day. I passed everything, but I was seriously shaking throughout the whole skills section.

Thank you! Actually, the examiner led me to believe that I did very well, and I am pretty sure I did well on the written part also.

But I was SO nervous; my legs felt like cooked spaghetti! I was incredibly anxious and my brain was spinning with all the thoughts of what I was supposed to do next.

One of my skills was denture care and she actually stopped me halfway through and said she was pretty sure they'd never been so clean by that point -- lol!

I'm so glad it's over!


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