Skilled Independent (Migrant) Visa Process...need help!


Hi All,

So I am trying to apply for a Skilled Independent (Migrant) Visa and need some clarification with the process. I've done my research but right now I have too much information which are scattered in my head. If you can help me out the order of the application process, that would be awesome.

I am currently a working registered nurse in NY, with a BSN, and almost 1 year of critical-care experience. So far I know, at somepoint I have to do a Full Migration Skills Assessment with ANMAC, register with AHPRA to work as a nurse in Australia, and also the visa eventually. And then, there is the job application part as well which I am not sure happen at the start or end since some hospitals can sponsor immigration visa.

My question is, which one do I do first and can I do them online when I am here in the US right now. Also, regarding the IELTS, I read that if I received my RN lisence and education in an English speaking country, then I am waived. I did my IELTS before my undergrad in 2007 and scored an 8.5/9. I don't see why I cannot be waived for IELTS since I do not want to waste time and money on this already length and expensive process.

I am also considering hiring an agent but this would be my last resort as they are often pricey. If anyone one of you are familiar wit the process and can guide me even a little bit, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks so much!!! Can't wait to be reunited with my sister DownUnder!