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SJVC Ontario Ca Accelerates

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Hello all 😊

I created this topic because I couldn’t find one related to this school at my location of choice. So I’m hoping this will help anyone with similar questions receive honest answers from experienced students. Good luck to all in advance .


in order to apply to the rn program I need below science classes 

A&P and Micro

SJVC offers these classes 10 weeks at a time ... the plan is to complete all classes by August 20 and apply to a RN program. The main reason I choose SJVC was because of time . It doesn’t bother me that I’ll be paying out of pocket for the classes they offer payment plans which will help me since I’ll be taking multiple classes. I will also be working full time as a LVN throughout my courses at SJVC I cannot wait to share that experience with you all. 

FYI SJVC dose offer a RN program but due to cost I do not plan on applying atm

if they are any questions about the school and program I will try my best to answer based on my personal experience. I go in Tuesday to meet with the advisor at that time I’ll update with what I’ve learned 



let’s help each other succeed.

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