Sjsu nursing fall 2012


I already applied for Nursing at SJSU for Fall 2012 and I am just waiting for the acceptance/nonacceptance now. I am beyond stress and worried that I might now get in because I am competing with so many smart applicants. I impaction is extremely low, its a 10.08, and usually the cut off are around 10.02-10.10, so I am basically at the cut off point. I am proud of my impaction score because I know that I did the BEST I could, but the problem is maybe my best isn't enough. I really want to focus on my current classes right now, but I find it extremely hard while I wait for my possible denied letter. I don't have an option B career, nursing has been the only thing I wanted to do ever since I was little, so if I don't get in, i'll be extremely disappointed and depressed. I contacted the nursing committee to ask them when they will be sending out the acceptance/denied letters, and they said they would be sending letters out the first week of May. Waiting is really tiring. I okay to wait if you know you have a high impaction score and have a high chance of getting in the nursing program, but if you have a low impaction score like me; in the range of being cut off, it's really nerve racking. I really hope someone understands what I am going through, because I it's really hard to express with words how I am feeling right now. Thank you guys. I appreciate any advices/input! What was the lowest impaction score that got into the nursing program your semester?


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Hi biglaughter. I applied Fall 12' to get into the Spring 13' nursing program and I recently received my letter. It says I am on the pending list and there are about 8-9 people who are in my position. I have to wait 3 weeks (Dec 15th) to get a answer if people declined any spots. I don't know what to feel right now. Is this a good or bad thing?