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HI! I have been accepted into the nursing program and I am starting in January. My problem is that I am so worried that I won't be able to balance work, school, and my son. NOT working is NOT an option. I am also worried because I applied for loans for my uniforms and insurance, but my financial aid office has just informed me that I won't get the money until mid-semester. I need the money now! Does anyone have any advice! I want this more than anything, but I am starting to feel a little hopeless!


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I was in your position when I began school in 1979. I was a high school dropout supporting myself and my son with a series of dead-end jobs. I always worked just a little too much to receive any public aid but never made enough to get by. Anyway enough about me, congratulations on your acceptance and good luck! Now is the time to reach out to every family member and friend, let them know what you going to accomplish (notice I did not say try)! D0n't be too proud to ask for help with child care, transportation or the occasional home cooked meal. Your schooling will only take a short time although it will seem to go on forever. I set up times that my son and I would study together and he learned quickly that I was serious. He was seven when I started back to school and almost ten when I completed my ASN and began working full time. (that was 26 years ago-he now is 35 and a hospital pharmacist.) You might miss a few Little League games or school programs along the way but keep on track and the rewards will be worth it. Your social life will suffer-mine was non-existant-but your true friends will stick by you and see you through to the end. There may be someone in school in a similar situation-hook up with them and share notes, study sessions and child care if possible. Best of luck!