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Simmons online fnp- accepted jan 2015- am i alone?


Hi everyone,

I anyone else going to be in the Jan 2015 online FNP program at Simmons? I have butterflies!

I applied to the march cohort I'm nervous I have a 3.2 but good experience references and I felt like a good statement my admissions person said 3 weeks

I applied to Jan cohort! They just called me to tell me my application is being reviewed by faculty and according to others here, it seems like I should know within a week or so! Now I'm nervous!

I also applied to Georgetown's program and have conditional acceptance (upon completion of my BSN in Nov), so waiting to here a final from them too!

ahhh....waiting is rough!

ikapplegate can I ask what your GPA and background are? and how long did it take for you to find out acceptance?

I just got my acceptance letter yesterday for Jan 2015! I only had to wait 3 days! woohoo!! Waiting to hear back from Georgetown too though…but maybe we will be in class together!

Bicala can I ask what your gpa is?

My ADN is 3.8 and my BSN is 4.0. A lot of schools are looking for more than GPA though. So GPA is not everything. Also since most programs are in the online environment now they are not necessarily tied down to a specific number of students and are more flexible, or at least that is what the admission advisors have said

And rejected no biggie I'll find another one just really liked their program

I applied the day before yesterday. Now the waiting game begins. I am anxious to know.

Hi all! my husband was accepted into the jan online for the ADN-NP program! however we are running into class scheduling issues anyone else facing this?