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Hi Everyone!

I'm currently a SICU nurse and have been for the last year and a half. I've had great experiences and learned so much! However, I've recently received an opportunity to work in the cath lab. As an ICU RN, I've taken care of many post-cath patients and have always had a real interest in working in the cath lab. I am currently in an acute care adult/gero NP program. With that being said, after graduation, I don't necessarily want to work as an ICU NP, but definitely in the inpatient setting. I would like to work with a cardiology group, or something in the realm of cardiology if given the opportunity. My question to those more experienced, is moving from SICU to the cath lab a good move for my future plans? I'm relatively early in my NP program (just started this Spring 2016) and it's part time, so 3 years in total for my MSN. I just don't want to make the move to the cath lab if the experience I gain there wouldn't be considered marketable as a new grad NP (if that makes sense). Any input would be appreciated! Thank you all!


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Hello, I've been a cathlab nurse for 2 years. What kind of lab are you going to work in? Is it international? is it a hybrid lab, meaning do they do TAVR (transAorticValveReplacement)? How do you feel about patients crashing? Have you ever defibrilated someone? I was a nurse 6 years(icu,tele agency ER LTACH) before cathlab, probably only defib 4 or so patients. In less than two years of cathlab i've defib 8 patients. How do you feel about large ego cardiologist who can make you feel very small/stupid? Are you an independent study? Do you like a challenge of learning wave forms?

How do you feel about oncall/standby...being 30 minutes from the hospital for what ever your lab requires is a huge change.

how strong are your hands? Groin management/ hematoma excising is not something you can explain, you just have to feel it...

I love the lab, but it can be sink or swim. It really also depends on what type of hosiptal you work in.