Should new grads from out of state get a year of experience first?


Hi all,

I will graduate in May '09 with an accelerated BSN. I have been researching California as a potential place to work for several reasons. I suffer from a mild case (so far!) of Crohn's and would love to live in a moderate climate. I live in the Northeast now and the long winter/short summer doesn't entirely agree with me. Secondly, the shear size and population of Cali would seem to indicate that the need for nurses is very real. Internet research has shown me that there is a projected nursing shortage into the thousands going forward. Thirdly, I was born on an island and have always been near the ocean so I am determined to live on one coast or the other. Lastly, much of my family is on the west coast of Canada. It would be nice to be a reasonable plane ride away from them.

I have heard of some acquaintances who went to California with nursing degrees and did extremely well for themselves. Yet this was 4-5 years ago. Am I now to understand that landing jobs is difficult? As a new grad next May should I suck it up and get a year of experience in Maine before looking to move? We are constantly being told that as nursing students the world is our oyster and that jobs are to be had everywhere (even as new grads). This site has woken me up to some other realities. Any thoughts? Take care!

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