Should I wait to apply next year?


Hi everyone,

I've been working in a Level 1 Surgical/Trauma ICU for three years, have my CCRN, and will complete my BSN in December. I plan to take the GRE in November. My concern is that Chemistry is my last class to take for the BSN. For two of the schools I am applying to, I need this class's grade for the application process. These two schools stop accepting applications after September.

My main question is should I still turn in the transcripts, recommendations, and letter that I have prepared by the acceptance date, then turn in the other needed materials as they are completed, or should I just wait until next year? I am curious as to if it is better for the schools to see my interest early, or if it would make little difference. I am contacting the schools for specific advice. I really would like to not have to wait another year, but would understand if the schools did not accept my "partial" application. My GPA is above 3.0 with nursing school and my BSN, I know that I will do well in chemistry, and will study well for my GRE. Everything would be complete well before the start date of the program, I just do not know if that is enough. I would appreciate any thoughts on this! :confused:


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Call the admissions office and talk to the PD or assistant PD. I doubt anyone will go for it, but maybe they will. Otherwise, look at other schools or wait a year. Good luck.

Thank you chudder, you were right. I am going to apply to the last school that has the bigger window for applications. If that doesn't work, I'll just focus on next year. Here's hoping. :)