Should I Take Some Grad Classes Before Applying?


Right now I have almost a year in the MICU, and 9 months in a Neuro Stepdown, all at a level I, university hospital. I probably won't apply for CRNA school for a few years, but am considering taking some graduate classes (or a graduate certificate) to make myself more competitive. I know some graduate level pharm and patho/physiology classes can only help, but I would rather continue working overtime instead of focusing on school, unless I need them to strengthen my application (at least to get into a somewhat competitive school, I would rather not live in North Dakota or something for 3 years).

By the time I apply I will have at least 2 years ICU, and possibly 3 by the time I start. I actually have 2 degrees, the first a BS in Social Science, with a minor in Psych, and for nursing I did an accelerated BSN. My main concern is I got a couple of C grades in my BSN program, including a C in Pharm. Will the BSN GPA and the fact I got a C in Pharm be as big of a deal as I am worried about? What do you guys think?

Overall GPA - 3.43

BSN GPA - 3.18 (w/ a couple of C's including Pharm)

Science GPA - 3.91

First BS Degree - 3.56 Cum / 3.96 Upper Division (old classes brought down the overall)

GRE - Not Taken Yet

Certs - CCRN, TCAR, ACLS, etc.


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Dear WrekDiver88 I am not a current CRNA but I am a current applicant and have had 1 interview and 1 more that I have not attended yet. A little about myself, I have applied to 4 schools with 1.5 years of experience in a busy CTICU. I have what I believe is above average experience along with somewhat average grades. My GPA overall is a 3.6 ish lol. I had a previous degree before nursing which was a 3.6 and then took some science courses that did not go as planned as sometimes life gets in the way. I graduated with an ASN GPA of 3.8 and my BSN 4.0. My science grades have not been amazing and probably fall between 3.1-3.3. This so far has not been an issue getting interviews. From what I have been told interview invitations basically mean they believe your stats are good enough, but now want to see who you are both personally and clinically. I suggest you applying earlier than two years from now and think your application would be strong as is. Apply and see what happens. If you don't get in then apply again. Such is life. I have a few C's floating around my transcript as well. We all grow older and wiser, most of my experience says the admissions committees agree as well. Best of luck



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I just talked to someone a few nights ago who used to work on our unit, and who just finished CRNA school; they said the same thing. He thought better use of the time would be to work the overtime, and to join a practice council or committee at work (his school really like to see involvement). Thanks for the advice, and good luck with your applications!


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During my interview for school, they looked over my transcript and class grades. I would highly

recommend retaking your undergrad pharm course. Did you do well in chemistry, anatomy and physiology and pathology?


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Yes, I got an A in Chem and A & P so it mainly just the Pharm grade I am worried about. I honestly can't see how a C in Pharm could not be an issue, so I will definitely be retaking a class to replace it in the Spring. Thanks for the advice!


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Once you decide where you want to go you should take as many clases as you can before the program to lessen the debt. Every school is different in how many classes they let you take before starting the program.