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Should I take a phlebotomy class?


Hi everyone,

I'm in my RN program and am about to enter the Advanced/Cardiac class. My college also offers a non-degree phlebotomy program that's not based on credits, but instead is classified as a "75-hour professional course."

I've been seriously considering taking this class to help develop my skills and confidence in this area. Even though the Advanced class goes over blood draws, I sometimes find that I don't get enough lab and clinical experience on some of the skills.

I guess my question is...should I just wait until I get into practicum or my first job to develop these skills? Or should I take this opportunity to get some of this training ahead of my first job. The cost of the class isn't a big issue -- I'm in a state college where the tuition rates are great.

Has anyone else studying for their RN gone ahead and also done a phlebotomy class?

Thanks for any advice.


Hi David,

I had taken phlebotomy during my MA courses, I do recommend that you take this opportunity because it will only help YOU in the mean time. Things are always thrown at you at work so skills that are already acquired are a +.

Coming into Nursing school with some experience has only helped me.

Good Luck!!!


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YES!!! How I wished my school had offered such a thing my first year out of school. Of all the skills you will wish you had mastered before you hit practice, weakness in this area will waste more of your time and put you farther behind in your patient care, not to mention annoy your patients and your peers, than any other single skill. No patient gives a rats behind if you have to spend your lunch catching up on your charting, but they will be a little miffed if you have to stick them 5 times and then go get another nurse to find a vein you haven't butchered to get thier IV or draw thier morning labs.