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Should I take the offer for free CNA training before beginning nursing school?

by curlybirdie curlybirdie (New) New

I recently had a interview at a local hospital for a CNA training class.

They offer free training classes and they also put you on board at the hospital. The supervisor said that I would get a free education and also have a job as well. It pays 7.50 at first while training and I would work about 8 hours.The pay rate goes up to 8.40 after certification.

I thought it would be a great opportunity for me,because I have applied for the RN program for the fall. I thought it would be a great experience. However, when I asked my parents about the training class, they said it was a bad idea.

The problem is, is that I have already accepted a job at a call center days before the hospital interview this week.

The call center pays 9.20 an hour, even though it's part time right now. However, after 3-4 weeks of training, I can apply for a full time position there. My mother thinks that I should stick with the call center job instead. I'm really confused now. The CNA classes start the first week of April and the only thing I have to pay for is the certification test. The classes are free and I would have a job at the hospital. Has anyone else had this experience?

If it were me, I would take the CNA training with the post graduation job offer. Yes the pay may be lower but you will be learning skills that you will need as an RN and it will also make the fundamentals portion of the nursing program a little bit easier, because thats when CNA/basic skills are learned, and you will be in a hospital so when you finish your RN program you will have a better chance at securing a job. However, if you need that extra $1 and change, take the CSR job, because at the end of the day you will learn CNA skills in the RN program and while I dont know what the job market is like where you're at, you will still land a nursing job it just may not be as soon as it would have been, had you taken the hospital job.

Good luck to you with whatever choice you make and Congratulations on making it into the RN program.

Take advantage of the free classes. If you like it, you'll have some patient interaction under your belt; you'll also get to see what a nurse does and see if that's the right career to pursue before you spend money on an RN program!

take advantage of the free classes and the job offer! it might pay a little less, but that kind of experience makes you a better candidate when applying to nursing programs

Thanks so much for the advice everyone! !! I'm considering the CNA classes now. I start the call center job this week,but I still have time to think about the CNA classes. They do not start until April . Thanks for the advice!!

Without a doubt, the CNA job. The experience you'll get will be extremely helpful in both your schooling and in your future career. What you lack in pay you'll make up for in experience! I recently quit a high paying job to start nursing school and took a CNA job that pays a LOT less..but the two months I've been doing it. I've learned so much that has already helped in school.

friends of mine that are nurses tell me you can tell what nurses were CNAs before they were nurses, which is obviously a good thing!

Good luck!