Should I still follow up with other institutions?


Hi Everyone,

I recently had an interview at a hospital that I know I want to work out. I'm not sure if I should wait on the decision from that hospital or follow up and pursue other interviews? Is it improper to cancel other interviews if I am offered a position? Thanks!

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After you have received an official offer and officially accepted it, then go ahead and cancel. The interviewer will be grateful that you did not waste her time.

Just be polite and thank them for their interest. If asked, or if it seems necessary to give some sort of reason, simply state that you have decided to accept an offer from another institution. There is no need to lie ... but you want to maintain a positive relationship.


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In Jan. I had an interview at my dream hospital and the next day I was offered the position and accepted. I was a dec. graduate and applied to hosp. in dec. but never heard from my first hosp. til 2 weeks into the new year. After being offered the position several other hosp. started calling to set up interviews. I went b/c you never know what another hosp. has to offer. I also went b/c I wanted the interview exp. as most do not get their first interview. In each case I called the recruiter and told them i had just heard from x hospital and accepted a pos. there and then would write to the units to explain what i liked about their unit and to explain why i chose the job i did over theirs. In all cases it was I just felt it was a better fit. I would suggest if you get other interviews to go on them. There is no harm in going and hearing what they have to say. You never know, you could find you like another offer better. It's not wasting their time, plus if you handle it professionally and don't burn bridges they wil remember that should you interview there again. At the very least you are getting experience in the interview process.

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