Should I stay or should I go


Hello I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. I need to make a difficult decision but don't know exactly what I should do. I am an lpn with no experience. I took a job at a big hospital in my area as a full time tech hoping to get my foot in the door and eventually transfer to an lpn position. I'm starting school for my RN in September and am concerned about not being able to balance full time work/school my job will not allow me to go part time or prn. If I do transfer to an lpn position most likely I will still have to work full time. I have a possible opportunity at a pediatric home care agency that will work perfectly with my school schedule. The only problem is I am still in my probationary period at the hospital and I want to make sure I will be eligible for re hire once I finish my RN. School is my priority but this is one of the only 2 hospital systems in my area so I want to remain on good terms please help!