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Should I start traveling or accept another staff position?

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Hi everyone, I'm a nurse in L&D. I started as a new grad and have close to a year's experience now. I work in a unit with high turnover in both staff nurses and leadership. There's a lot of instability, we are frequently understaffed yet there is a lot of favoritism at play by the charges and ANMs, nurses with experience soon leave due to the environment. There is little support and due to a contract I signed as a new hire, I have learned to just roll with the punches.
However, they recently demanded of me to change shifts from day to nights with near little notice due to shortage in staff, I had no say in the matter. I was called the day before a scheduled shift and told not to come in the next day but to come in that very night instead to work. I hate working nights, the assignments given are even worse, there is even less support and the leadership is even poorer. I've begun to look for other positions and have considered travel nursing. I spoke to a recruiter who said it was possible to find contracts with one year of experience. I have some hesitancy about it. But traveling is more money and if I'm already getting terrible assignments in a work environment like this, I think I can handle a 13 week contract literally anywhere.
I was recently offered a staff position in a different state however. They have higher acuity patients and at the interview, I felt confident that I will not have any of the problems I deal with now in my current unit. I'm not sure what to do though. Should I take another permanent position and gain more experience or do travel nursing now?
I have a year left on my contract at my current job. Part of me is reluctant to sign another contract with this new hospital but they are offering me a sign on bonus and relocation assistance. I want to make more money as well and travel nursing will pay more and give me flexibility... But I'm not sure if I'm ready for it or just worried of the unknown. What's best for my career?

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