Should I retake the GRE?


Hi all, I am interested in the ACNP/FNP program at Vanderbilt in 2012...Finishing BSN now, 16 yr exp, took GRE with 1160 score but only 3.5 on essay :( the time I apply I should have PALS and CCRN and 3.5-3.6 GPA ....I know they are changing the GRE format soon and just wondered if anyone knew others who got in without the "exact" requirments or if I should retake the GRE and risk getting a lower score (really hated the GRE...)????:heartbeat

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Golly, I sure wouldn't retake it. What a nightmare!

I dont have any inside information on Vandy but I suspect they are like other programs in that they look at your application from a holistic vantage. 1160 is respectable. While a 3.5 on the essay aint great I cannot image it would be a deal breaker for them.

Programs do look at your personal statement very, very closely. I would make absolutely certain that you get your PS as perfect as you can.


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Sounds like good least I won't be on a time clock writing my PS.....:)

Thanks again..