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Should I be a nursing student?

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I know this question probably gets asked all the time... I'm pretty shy. I honestly hate it. This is the only reason I'm questioning nursing. I can say what I have to or need to to someone but when it comes to small talk I just kinda freeze up. I can answer them if they ask me something but it's like my mind goes blank and I don't know what to say. So I had switched my major from nursing to medical laboratory technology because I was really worried about this. I just received an acceptance letter for nursing today, though... So now I'm questioning it again. I've also applied for radiography at another school because I didn't think my shyness would be AS big of a problem there. Every time I've ever had X-rays taken the techs barely said a word to me and I wasn't there long. But I won't hear about that until well after I'm supposed to sign something for admission into nursing. I like working with people I just think... Are people going to like having me as a nurse? I care about them and want to help them but I know they're probably going to want someone they can really talk to?


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From someone who was extremely shy, I can honestly say that you will perhaps over come this. I am not a nursing student yet but I dont being shy has to be a reason for you not to become a nurse. Dont let it stop your dreams. Take speech classes and perhaps it can prepare you more to be less shy.

I used to be shy back in high school but I think life in general made me stand up for myself. Of course, that was more than 10 years ago. Now I find myself outspoken at times. Trust me if I overcome it, so can you.