Should I leave my weekend job?

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Hey all, I am looking for advice as to whether or not I should leave my weekend option job.

I have been in my current position as an RN supervisor at a long term facility for almost 1 year. I started there as a floor nurse and after 2 years as a floor nurse, I was promoted to weekend supervisor. I currently work Sat & Sunday 7P-7A. No benefits. No extra pay besides the night differential of $2.50/hour and the weekend differential of $2.50/hour- however that differential is across the board to all employees. So really, besides the differential that everyone gets, there is no incentive to work every weekend. (For example, I don't get paid to work 32 hours when I only work 24).

I love my supervisor position as I am truly burnt out of working on the floor. However, I am becoming very depressed (I have never experienced depression until now) because I feel as if I am missing out on spending time with my husband and family. I have 3 children (toddlers) and my husband works Monday-Friday 7A-5P. He travels with his job and isn't always home during the week when I am off. He is home on the weekends but since I work night shift, I sleep during the day and work at night and don't get to spend time with him. We miss out on doing things together as a family, attending weddings, birthday parties, date nights, etc. Although I get a small amount of "vacation" time at work, we are responsible to find our own coverage and there are only two other supervisors to ask and it is next to impossible to get them to pick up one of my weekend shifts. If I can't find coverage, I don't get to take off. Simple as that. So, my vacation time is pretty much nonexistent. In addition, I work any holiday that falls on the weekend. So, I miss out on Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc. My husband is also frustrated that he is missing time with me and that he has to watch our toddlers on the weekends. He is a great husband and father, however has no free time to himself. Basically, the schedule just doesn't seem to work for us and it's causing me a ton of anxiety and depression in addition to marital issues. However, it is nice to work only two days a week and not have to work the floor....

I am missing everything with my husband and kids.... I can't attend bbqs on the weekends, can't attend family events, we can't do things as a family such as go to the pool, church, etc. I am SO scared to leave though because I don't want to take another position working the floor again. I am truly burnt out of Nursing and although my job is causing a lot of problems within my marriage and family, I need the money and I don't know what other career I could do. Help! Has anyone else felt this way? Would you work every weekend? What do I do? I'm stuck between a job ruining my life and needing money. Nursing. Is. Tough. :(

Fyi: prior to becoming weekend supervisor, I worked as a PRN floor nurse at the facility for 2 years. PRN worked GREAT for me as I could work around my husband's traveling schedule and could work around family functions.

I've worked the weekends for a little over a year now. It's not a supervisor position, work the floor for a rehab. And it is tough. I'm married with 3 kids. And missing out every weekend took its toll. The money is okay, it pays the bills and then some. And it worked out with my husband's schedule, he travels. But working nights on weekends and not being able to spend time with my family is too much. So I have decided to change it up. I have been applying for outpatient positions where I can work Monday to Friday. Come next school year all 3 of my kids will be in school so I'm applying to positions where I can work while they're in school.

I know you said you have toddlers and your husband travels. What about a weekend day shift? With day shift at least you don't have to sleep through the day and work at night. At least after a day shift you can have a few hours with your family. I know it can be a pain finding a job that works with your schedule. But don't give up.

Also, if your job is causing a lot problems with your family and marriage is it really worth keeping? I know it's easier said than done to say look for another job. I've been there. It's hard, really. But don't give up on the job hunt. You never know, something might come up.

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