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I took Anatomy in 2020 and I got a D, I retook it and barely made a C. I took Microbiology and got a B. I didn't take Physiology yet. Im in California and im very worried I will never get in. Im in LVN school but im considering dropping because of the cost and I just want to go straight into an RN program. Im interested in Trade Tech, Valley College, LA Southwest, East LA College, Compton College, Moorpark College and a few more I just cant remember. Can someone tell me if it is safe to retake anatomy again for a higher score? I have most of my pre-reqs done I just need to finish up like 3 or 4 classes. Im also aiming to get a pretty high score on the TEAS. I do not want to choose another career, I tried other things and I am simply not interested or didn't like it. Please give me advice. I took Anatomy during Covid, will schools give an exception for that? 


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Hi there,

Nursing school can be overwhelming, but I wouldn't drop out because you've already made a commitment and put in your time and effort. Being in an LVN program can be challenging, and you really need to focus on your program. There are plenty of LVN to RN bridge programs in CA that would only take one year to complete. 

You need to do some research on the RN programs you want to attend because their requirements vary. Some CC's have a one-time repeat rule for health sciences whereas others do not. Some require you to complete the ATI TEAS before applying and others will invite you to take the TEAS because they will not accept the one that you've completed elsewhere. (crazy right??). As far as the Anatomy class you took during COVID, was it considered a "pass" or "no pass" grade? It's best to check with the nursing dept of the school you plan on applying to for clarification. 

Hope this helps 😊


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So when I first took the class, it was graded as a D. I then retook it and got a C and when I look at my unofficial transcript's it shows I retook the course and got a C. I've just been feeling very conflicted since the beginning of my LVN program, the cost is about 36k so it worries me I will have to go the private route for my RN and it'll add on to my debt. Im currently in Term 2 in Med Surg


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If you continue with the LVN program and get your license that will work in your favor if you pursue an LVN to RN bridge program. Most schools are based on a point system: science GPA, cumulative GPA, and the number of GE classes completed. Additional points can include: AA's or BSN degrees or licenses (ie LVN, CNA, etc)

I don't think you'll have to go the private school route if you say you have most of your pre-reqs done. I also went to a private school for my lvn and have spent the last year finishing up my GEs and just started applying to CC's bridge programs this year. It's doable. You will have to check with the CC's for their application requirements because each program can vary. In the end, you have to do what's best for you 😉

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