Should I go into Nursing?

by BeTheLove BeTheLove (New) New Pre-Student

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I'm 19 years old and will be attending a university in hopes of pursuing a BSN. However, after becoming an Army Combat Medic, I find myself bored with medical topics. Memorizing the size and length of needles, the proper dosages of drugs, initiating IV lines, primary care lectures, and just about everything else was boring. Nothing really excited me when I went through the training. I even found CCAs (Combat Casualty Assessment- they give you a mannequin to act as your simulated combat casualty with random wounds ranging from burns, broken bones, and bullet holes to biological warfare then tell you, "Aight, now keep him alive,") to be rather uninteresting. I just don't feel motivated. Being a nerdier individual, I am competed as I flew through the course without studying; but I don't feel like I'm really giving it my all. By contrast, Basic Training was a lot more fun- sleeping in the mud, small unit tactics, firearms usage... I enjoyed it.

Do you recommend that I try giving this nursing thing a chance? Do you know of any nurses with interests that lie elsewhere? How do they fare, and how do they cope?