Should I find a different job? Or different career in general?



First time poster here just wanting to vent and maybe get some support and advice from people who have had similar experiences. I have been working night shift in a LTC facility for 4 months now as a CNA while I finish prereqs for applying to RN schools. While I enjoy my residents, I am becoming very discouraged about pursuing a nursing career. I barely even get a 15 minute break my entire shift and the nurses are bitter and rude and would rather gossip than help with the 50 resident load me and the other CNA pull together.

I try my best to make sure every one is positioned and changed regularly or helped to toilet, but there is just no time to adequately care for residents between rounds, constant call lights and charting. I've found that if I overlook anything or make a mistake, I am instantly talked down to about it by day shift or nurses despite a lot of things never being trained properly to me. I'm just really hard on myself and I always go home angry, upset or anxious because of the work environment. They expect so much of us but provide little support and guidance and I feel like i'm just a doormat for people to step all over.

Anyway, I'm scared i'm not cut out for nursing because I don't have thick enough skin and I can't handle this stressful of an environment. I genuinely try to work my hardest, be kind and be honest every shift, but I don't ever feel like I am good enough. I have been so excited and motivated towards becoming a nurse but now I'm worried I will hate it or be a failure.

I don't know what I should do. I need the income but should I find a different job? Or different career in general?

Thank you so much for listening and supporting me!


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Get a different job. LTC is a hard environment and it sounds like your situation could lead to burnout