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Should I enter Quincy College LPN program!

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I recently got accepted into the Quincy College Fall 2010 part-time LPN program. The problem is I was accepted last minute due to a seat opening up while I was away on vacation. For this reason I am late doing everything required for the program such as: purchasing new uniforms and equipment, obtaining a CPR certificate, obtaining the required immunizations, applying for financial aid, and the list goes on and on. I haven't even been to orientation yet and classes already started! I feel very rushed to say the least!

Anyways, I'm just wondering if all of you out there think it's worthwhile at all for me to start this program. My ultimate goal is to become an RN. I already have all of the prereqs done, including A&P I and II, Chemistry, and English Comp I. I also have Psychology and College Algebra behind me. My GPA is about a 3.6 (would be much higher if I didn't drop out of an English Comp class mid-semester 10 years ago). The only thing is I have taken the Accuplacer a number of times and my Reading Comprehension scores are lacking with a high score of 101. I have applied for the RN program a couple of times already, only to be told I've been waitlisted. I have a feeling I'm never gonna get into the RN program if I don't improve on my test scores.

Considering my circumstances, I am asking for any and all advice on this matter. Do you think I should pass up this opportunity (right now I have a stable job not in the Health Field, and I'm earning more than an LPN) or go ahead and give it a shot. Keep in mind, I ultimately want to become an RN. I'm thinking that if I don't start this program, precious time will pass by while I'm waiting and trying to get into an RN program.

Any other school recommendations out there? I was thinking of Laboure, but that program is quite expensive and they don't accept A&P courses unfortunately.

Please advise me!!!! I am desperate...Thanks so much in advance for your advice!

Oops, I meant to put a question mark in thread title, not an exclamation point!

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