Should I change jobs? To precert nurse?

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I have been a clinical supervisor for an orthopedic practice for 5 years. It's a Monday through Friday position. It’s getting to me with 2 kids and missing all the special moments of my kids. I was offered a precert work from home position with an insurance company. I’m torn what to do. My current job I feel the s*** is going to hit the fan soon with lack of staff and getting bigger which scares me more work and even less kids time. I’m so torn what to do. Any mom nurses out there or precert nurses ?

TheresaR, RN

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I hear you!  It’s hard being a working mom, and I’m a single mom at that.  Working from home sounds pretty good, are the hours flexible so you can be where your kids need you? Is it more pay?  Do you prefer to be around people? Working from home can feel isolating sometimes.  Change can be hard and scary.  A lot to think about… 

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