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Hi nurse friends! My ungergrad career began in 2012 and I pursued a major in biology. I was a student athlete in fall and Spring sports at a large D1 university. I struggled a lot during my freshman and sophomore years with adjusting to the demands of class, practice, and travel for competition. To add to the list my mother was diagnosed with stage III cancer during that time. I lacked focus, was unsure how to study, and I was just spiraling downhill. In my first four semesters I received 4 F's ( Bio 2, cal 1, chemistry x2 because my advisor suggested I try again) and 3 D's (Bio 1, Bio 2 lab, study of early civilizations). I was almost on academic suspension and my scholarship was significantly reduced.

I decided I wanted to pursue nursing but my university didn't offer that as a major. So, I changed my major to Kinesiology instead because it satisfied nursing school prerequisites. I finally began to focus and things began to improve. My GPA for my last 60 hours was 3.164. I also broke several school records, earned NCAA academic and athletic awards, earned my full scholarship money back PLUS an extra stipend. But my mistakes from my earlier years brought my cumulative GPA to a 2.77. 

After graduation I was accepted into a highly competitive accelerated BSN program. I earned my BSN in 11 months. I was on the deans list for 2 out of 3 semesters and my nursing school GPA was a 3.416. 

I've been employed at a large level IV NICU for the past 5 years. The acuity is very high and patient assignments are heavy. I am very accustomed to caring for patients on ventilators, drips, ECMO, bedside surgery, cardiac defects, and very unstable micropreemies. I am RNC-NIC and CCRN Neonatal certified.

I've taken a step back the past 2 years and have been working PRN for my unit (1 shift per week) because I've started my family. I have 2 children under 2. The planning process for CRNA school starts early so I'm looking ahead to when my oldest begins school which is in 2 years.

Things I need to do to meet CRNA school requirements are to take chem 1, chem 2, organic chemistry, and the GRE. I just wanted an opinion from you guys on if a school would even look at me with my failures from the past. Should I even dream of CRNA school? Thanks for any advice! 

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