Should I apply to an ABSN/EMSN program with a low undergrad GPA


What are my chances of getting into an ABSN/EMSN program with a 2.6 undergrad cumulative GPA? I was pre-med student who due to external and mental health reasons had a couple of awful semesters. Luckily I happen to have 4 years of EMS experience in a busy urban hospital, a high TEAS score, good references, hundreds of volunteer hours, and my GPA transcript shows an upward trend (As and Bs). I'm looking at programs in the Southeast but most appear to require a minimum of 3.0 for both cumulative and science GPA. 

Hello, my advice to you is to do your research. You should probably look into schools that have a holistic approach and give you the opportunity to talk about your story during the application. Schools that follow the holistic approach also look closely at whether you and uptrend of your grades during the last 60 credits along with relevant medical experience . I understand your worries but you should not let your GPA stop you from applying for schools. If your overall GPA is not strong, try focusing on the pre-req GPA and retake those classes if needed. Good-luck applying and I am sure a school will take you in their cohort.