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Shoreline LPN admission

elisse elisse (New) New

Hey everyone! Just looking at the daunting task of starting some pre-reqs and applying for nursing at Shoreline! I am currently a licensed LPN in Washington and I am wondering if anyone else has applied as an LPN. Wondering if the process is any different, how they calculate the points and any other info regarding this! Thanks!

Hello! I just graduated from shoreline in March and I entered as an LPN. They use these spots for "advanced placement students" to essentially fill the holes in the classes due to students dropping or failing second quarter

it varies each quarter how many they accept, but I think they have a fairly small number of applicants, so chances of getting in are much better. I was technically an alternate as #5, but all of us ended up getting in that quarter.

i would definitely recommend applying. The director of the program meets with each LPN applicant individually to go over the program and discuss your pre-reqs and questions.

it isn't the smoothest transition - you would technically start with the cohort starting their 3rd quarter by taking med surg theory with them, as well as taking a communications class with the first quarter cohort. It was rocky start, but manageable.

Overall, I think it was a good program and at this point, probably easier to get in as an LPN applicant.

feel free to ask any questions or send a message if you want a little more information about it ;)

Hey, i would love to chat more about the program and your experience. Could you entail me at elisse.vanee@gmail.com. thanks!!

I sent you an email ;)


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