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Hello, I just discovered this website and it's amazing! Anyways, I'm a pre-nursing student going to Bellevue College and just finishing up on Microbiology and Nutr this quarter. I plan to apply for Shoreline CC's nursing program (Winter 2013) and had a few questions about my chances of getting in.

I calculated my points and my overall is about 103, I'm very worried about my chances because it seems quite low; the SCC brochure said 103 points is minimum. I thought my total would have been a lot higher, but noticed that they require a job position as a CNA while I thought you just have to be certified...I plan on doing BC's CNA (NAC) during summer, but it is a lot longer than most (about 2 months) and Ill be out of town around late Aug to Sept. 18 and don't know if it's possible finding a job position that requires certification before the deadline (Oct. 3). But yes, any support, advice, or help about my chances of getting in would be great, I'm stressing out and would really prefer getting into Shoreline this coming winter.

The help would be much appreciated!



Hi Charles!

103 points sounds quite good! They don't require you to be a CNA, if you have any job experience you get 7 points, and then it goes up from there . Also, some volunteer experience adds points, as well as having all your science courses finished (10 points, but seems like you must have that already).

You can also get your CPR certification for 1 more point.

Any other questions?

Ahhh thanks Overtone!

Ya I calculated and added the 7 points for "general employment" for working at Tully's, also by any chance does volunteering at the UW Medical Center count as a "Health Care employment - 9 points"? As a volunteer we are employed to the hospital and there are a lot of patient contact; the main job we do as volunteers is escorting patients around the hospital by wheelchairs.

So basically the points that I'm "missing" are...

Engl 101 (I got a A-, so 3.7 x 2.5 = 9.25 points)

Chem (B, 3.0 x 3.0 = 9 points)

Employment I have 7 points out of 15 points

Volunteering I have 6 points (will have +192 by the end of July/Aug)

The rest of the prerequisites I received a 4.0 (hoping for a 4.0 for microbiology!)

Total: 78 + 9.25 + 9 + 7 + 6 = 103.25 / 115

And yes I have a "Health Care Provider" CPR card, but what is a "First Aid Card"? How are they different?

And I know the average varies per quarter, but what would you say is the lowest required number of points?

Thanks again for everything!


Wow, great grades!! 4.0s in everything else, that's awesome!

This quarter I was told our lowest accepted point value was around 101.2, but they were accepting for the 10 quarter session so I'd go with the usual 103 minimum.

I don't think they'll give you anything more than 7 points for employment, they are pretty stringent with the employment points.

I don't know what a First Aid Card is, but I didn't have it or my CPR card. Maybe look into that for an extra point.

I predicted my number right around yours, but they calculated mine 2 points higher, so its hard to tell how they interpret semester grades and A minuses, etc. I wasn't too worried, though, so I wish you some of the peace I felt, though I know its hard not to stress.

I have orientation tomorrow, we'll see how it goes! I start this fall! let me know if you have more Q's...

Ahhh I see and so you would say you got around 105, correct? And yes, thank you very much, your help is much appreciated! Also congrats on you acceptance!! Hope orientation went well!

Oh and also, I'm looking at the website at it states Winter 2013 (Aug. 15 - Oct. 3), is for the "Six-Quarter Option" correct? Because they did not state when the "Ten-Quarter Option" deadline, unless they are the same? If so, how you would you choose the one you wanted, it is stated on the application (and yes, I'd prefer the "Six-Quarter Option")?

Hi cw55,

I pretty sure you will get in with 103 points! Especially because you are applying winter quarter which is a tad less competitive than fall. When I went to the info session at Shoreline, they said the lowest score one quarter was 97!

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