Hey I got a shift of 3-11, 11-7 but don't know what they do on these 2 shifts. I am a new CNA I'm really interested to know a few things I should be doing on these shifts. Mostly on the overnight. thanks


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if you go to the thread called "what is it like", I posted a rundown of typical activities for all three shifts in ltc.

a condensed version:

Nightshift usually means every 2 hour bedchecks where you check and change those who are incontinent and toilet those who can be toileted.

You usually have some cleaning to do - cleaning wheelchairs and walkers.

You will probalby help get things ready for dayshift - passing out linens and whatnot.

You'll pass ice water.

You will probably get a few people up and dressed before your shift is over.

You'll chart and answer call lights, because believe me - there's always someone up!


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I won't reiterate duties as others have stated. I have found (others may disagree), that those shifts are a bit slower than day shift. 3-11 will be hectic starting after dinner as you'll be putting people to bed, a lot of toileting (including right after you put them into bed), and showers. Family members tend to visit late afternoon, early evening too.

But, the last hour or so will slow down significantly.

Overnight, it's definitely quieter than the other shifts until about 5:00. Then you're getting people up, dressed, cleaned up, toileted, and off to breakfast and all that happens pretty fast. So, you get the hectic part on the last part of your shift (just when you're starting to run out of energy).

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