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Sheridan tech daily schedule


This question is for those of you who are currently in the practical nursing program, or have graduated from Sheridan tech. I am just curious as to what your day looks like, at least for the first term, and what is taught.. For example, the schedule says one class from 7:15-3:30, but do you just suit in the one class all day? I mean obviously you would get breaks, but how often, long? Is it the same teacher all day every day? How do they break up what you learn from all the different books? I start this month, and I'm just wondering what to expect. Thanks in advance

Hi, I am a Sheridan Technical graduate, I graduated 12/12/12 :). Basically your day is pretty much in the classroom until you begin clinicals. The schedule says 7:15 but you don't really go in class until 7:30-7:45 (but I would still come early since it is your first day of class). You get about three breaks: one in the morning around 9:30, one hour lunch that starts at 12:00, and a mini break in mid afternoon. For block 1 there are two teachers that slipt up the content, but since it is your first day you'll probably see both professors. As far as the content there is a sllyabus that is pretty straight forward. I hope that helped and Good Luck! Study and you will do great!

Thank you. And congratulations on your graduation! And what an awesome date to have :-) are you going to do the LPN-RN transition?

About how far into block 1 did you start clinicals?

You start clinicals right away depending on what section your in for block 1? Are you starting with Health Career core? Or nurses aide orderly?

i'm exempt from core; don't know exactly what section im in..? Today is the first day, but since i am exempt from core i go today then dont go back until Jan 17.

O ok, well than you won't be starting clinicals until next year. Good Luck! Let me know how it goes.