Shearwater recruitment agency and Its Interview




I am new, here.. but I got a question to ask.

I was trained and worked for 6.5 years in Singapore.

Currently, I am studying My Masters Degree in Glasgow. I submitted my CV to Shearwater recruitment agency for NCLEX exam sponsorship and I got a call back. I have interview with them via Skype at the end of this month. I just want to know whether the agency is legit or not. If it is, what are the interview questions that I have to prepare?

I am worried as I was out of touch with clinical area for more than a year.

thank you so much for the answers in advance.


Hello thuzar. Can i know what clinical questions they ask u? Im planning to send cv to them. Thank u


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They gave me the case scenarios about some emergency cases, as I am ED nurse. Then, They asked about how my hospital's structure is like and how ED department is like. And some general questions like my experiences, the education level, the discipline that I exposed to...

Pretty simple interview actually...

All the best and good luck to you.


Greetings. I had an initial phone interview with Shearwater health. It went well. I was scheduled for another interview in a month time. What am I to expect this time. Am so nervous n I really love to work for shearwater health.


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Has 5 years experience.

Do not trust this agency. They are the worst you will find.