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Shady Grove Adventist in Rockville, MD


I am considering interviewing for my first Operating Room travel assignment at Shady Grove Adventist in Rockville,MD. Has anyone worked here? Thanks!


Specializes in Pediatrics. Has 3 years experience.

I know nothing about being a staff member there, but this hospital is near the area that I'm originally from, and its nickname by locals is "Shady Grave." Terrible reputation. No one goes here if they have a choice, it's either Suburban or Holy Cross. The ER is always slammed, wait times are NEVER under 5 hours just to be taken back, and people always complaining. A friend was recently hospitalized after having a major surgery and had horrendous care on the floor based off of the stories she was telling me. I did have experience with one surgeon in 2003 who was wonderful, but I remember that the PACU nurses were terrible.

I haven't been home for many years so I'm not sure if anything's changed, plus OR is sometimes a whole different world from the rest of the hospital! Just thought I'd give you some information since no one had answered your question! The area is pretty nice though! And I've heard that the apartments they usually put travelers up in are good too (the ones right across from the hospital: relatively new, very close to many food places) :)