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I'm applying for CRNA school at CSU Fullerton and I'd like to shadow someone to get a better idea of what the position involves. I work at Scripps, which apparently doesn't use CRNAs, so I'd like to connect with a nurse anesthetist at another facility. I hear that Kaiser and the Navy use CRNAs. Can anyone offer me any guidance? Thanks.

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I used to work at Sharp. San Diego is dominated by a single MD anesthesia group. I wasn't able to find anywhere to shadow in San Diego, and I made dozens of calls. Try USC/UCLA. Did you call the school you're applying to and ask for shadowing leads? Be willing to travel to shadow if you have to. Shadow anesthesiologists at Scripps, too...

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Go through thr education department at kaiser. If they let you, you will have to go tgrough some process, like signing hippa stuff, proof of immunization, etc. loma linda university also allows nurses to shadow crnas. I did 8 hrs wth them. Good luck. At some point, i was willing to travel all the way to chicago just to shadow since i have a friend that works in OR there.

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