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I'm in need of tons of help. I have just finished a vocational nursing program and will be taking my boards soon. I just have a few prerequisites to complete at a CC. After reading stats of people applying to RN programs or BSN programs, I have many negative thoughts. My overall GPA is a 2.5, and I know that the minimum college GPA in order to qualify should be a 3.0, also in prerequisites. Now, in prerequisites, i'm fine because I haven't completed all of them and I know I will do great, i'm determined, but when I had first started at a CC, I wasn't giving it my all and ended up with a bunch of C's. Now my question to you, is if I repeat the courses I got C's in, end up with A's, and bring my GPA up, will it reduce my chances of being accepted into a program? I really know that if I retake these courses, I will definitely do well because I am determined to do well, I want to make something of my life and put my all into my education. Please HELP! I want to get into a BSN program, if not, then an RN program. l


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As far as the prereq classes go, I was told by the admissions rep at CSU East Bay, they really want you to have a B or higher in A&P, Micro & Chem for their LVN - BSN program. In regards to GPA you want to shoot for a 3.5 or higher because you make your chances of getting in greater than just meeting the required 3.0...HTH!