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Hi! I just accepted an 8 week assignment at Seton Main in Austin for L&D starting in September. I just wanted to know if anyone else has worked out there, and what it was like? I know it's going to be busy, but I've worked at a hospital where we did 400 deliveries a month so I'm used to that. Just wanting to know if it's a good facility to work for.

My recruiter from CCTC also said that they may put me in an extended stay b/c it was only an 8 week assignment. Debating whether to take their housing and save myself the headache of looking for a place.


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I finished an assignment at the end of April. I enjoyed my time there and learned a lot (nurses tend to catch a lot of babies lol). If you come from the south, I guess their practices will be nothing new, but it AROMing a 1-2cm cervix as a means of induction (as well as other stuff) was a culture shock to me. Again, a good learning experience as a fairly new L&D RN. I know they're in a SUPER state of flux right now. They converted to EMR right before I left, their director left around that time, and the NM left shortly after my assignment ended. I'm a night shifter and the 2 best charge nurses have also left. They also have a whole bunch of new grads--travelers had orientees! The people who are there are very welcoming and helpful though, definitely some good teamwork. They do stay busy, and if you know Spanish, you'll be golden! The stay in Austin was nice, lots to do and good food!


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Thanks so much for all your advice. I know it's gonna be super busy, but my main thing is I want a good team working with me. My current assignment I feel like you're pretty much left out to dry, and don't get much help when it comes to admitting a patient and getting them settled. I appreciate all that you've said.