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Seton Hospital New Grad Pay?


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Anyone have any idea how much Seton in Daly City pays new grad RNs? Or even pay for experienced RNs there? Any information would be helpful.


I don't actually know. But they don't/won't have new grad training program anymore. I have applied for any open positions and no one contact me.

But I think pay salary not low, same as staff I.

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Did they tell you personally that they won't have the new grad residency anymore? I just searched their job board today (November 27th, 2009) and they're advertising slots for it on the job listings.

I was told that they don't have any new grad training programs and do not plan to have any. In addition, they said new RN's can apply; however all applicants must have CA RN licensure as well as ACLS! BCLS was not enough. Even if the job description states, "BCLS" I was yelled at over the phone that "APPLICANT WITHOUT ACLS DO NOT MEET THE REQUIREMENTS!". I found Seton rude and after applying to over 30 units without an interview I gave up on them.

What makes you think they have a new residency program? I didn't see anything on their website. Good luck!!

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i believe the seton hospital that OP is referring to is in CA.. and the one with the versant residency is in TX

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Ah, gotcha'. That makes sense. Sorry about that, OP.

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