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send COGS from DHA to Ahpra??

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Hi. I am requesting a good standing certificate on DhA website but I am not able to move forward because it asks me for AHPRA' s email address. I phoned AHPRA but they ddnt give me an email address.

The problem now is I dont know what email address to put so I can proceed with the request. Please advise.

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cucci has 8 years experience and specializes in Critical Care.

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I may be mistaken but AHPRA still seem to prefer paper-based application thus prefer all forms related to registration be sent via regular/express mail or courier.

It's ANMAC who has shifted to electronic submission of required documents.

If you have commenced your application for registration, you would have been assigned a Registration Officer whom you can contact via email... either he/she can provide the AHPRA's email address or perhaps use his/her official email address for the purpose of sending the COGS from that registration authority.


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