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Hello, I am sort of new to the site. I would like to know if anyone can give me any information on how to handle my situation. I am enrolled in a "Self-Paced LPN" program in Oklahoma. I have been attending the same school for 1 year, 1 month and 15 days. If you can't tell, I am so ready to get out of the program. My class started off with 5 students, and at the present time there are only two remaining from the group. I, along with two other girls, are having a hard time with the Director of the LPN program. She has been very demeaning, degrading, and completely unprofessional with several situations. I called the Ok board of nursing and asked for some guidleines regarding self-paced programs and what constitutes a "clinical" and the role of the instructors in a self paced program. The curriculum has been changed numerous times making it hard to reach goals set by the instructors as well as personal goals. I have to pay for 30 mandatory hours at $2.50 an hour since I went over the 12 months that were allotted to me, even though I signed a paper that I would pay $2.00 per hour. I was never notified of any price change, a bill was only provided to me. Now, my class is struggling to maintain sanity due to a student in our class who has fraudulently used the instructors password to access tests through BB. I believe I suffer with IBS (go figure) and my symptoms are textbook to a T...The woman that I talked to at the OK board of nursing wanted to call the director on my behalf, and I asked her if she could wait for my grievance to complete so that my director wouldn't make it any harder for me in general. I feel like I need to record the meeting my class is going to have tomorrow since I can guarantee that the instructor is going to RANT AND RAVE and intimidate and degrade. Is it legal, even though at this time I don't plan to take it further than the school "superintendant".

In trying to clear my name I called the website that we test through and all they do is issue the software. They told me that they cannnot provide a log of logins and where the account was accessed.

Can someone please guide me in the direction that I need to go...I am so afraid that I am not going to make it through this class, emotionally and financially...(the more problems there are the more changes there are...then it seems like more time is spent on these problems that aren't even mine... I have to pay for some one else's lack of good morals...financially.)HELP please!!!crying

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The best bet is to follow the chain of command in your student handbook. Chances are if you are having these problems someone else is too. If you follow the outlined chain of command, you can become a change agent. You must let the people know that there is a problem so it can get corrected. It will also empower you and make you not feel so helpless about the situation. Sometimes the people on up the chain of command are not aware of the problem, so follow protocol and make them aware. Good luck to you. ;)

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